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2023- February Bohinski Blurb

Bohinski’s Blurb




                                            Grace and Peace to You,


              As we enter a new year, one of our

           congregational resolutions is to strengthen

           communication with one another.

One of the ways I will be accountable to that is to increase written

communications through the newsletter. I want to remind you that we are continuing to stream worship online and via phone call worship. We have seen participation in those mediums

fall drastically in recent months, and weekly announcements in worship will always be your most up to date space for news and events in the life of the church. We hope that a new year of new starts will allow you the space to evaluate your weekly schedule and rhythms andre-engage in shared life with fellow followers of our shared teacher, Jesus. We are striving to “learn the language of Christ in community” and we hope you will join us on the journey. In a hyper world constantly seeking to distract us from the ways and wishes of God, we need to share the challenge of living ‘Christian-ly’ together. Faith is not an individualized experience, as we so often presume. Faith is a team sport, and you’re receiving this correspondence means we claim you on our team. We want to support and encourage you, but it is difficult to do so from a distance. Please be in communication with us, as we will with you, if there is anything we can do to be of support to you in this thing we call life.


I am excited for the new possibilities this new year offers for us to find Go

d’s leading of our congregation into new places and ministries. As you read through the other updates, it is my prayer that you find the same excitement. Of particular note is our update on congregational discernment and the congregations support to remain firmly United Methodist in this season. You should also plan to join us on February 12th for Scouting Sunday and our Post-Church Pre-Super Bowl Party. There will be pizza and game worthy snacks.


Later in the year we are imaging a Back-to-School Block Party on the church grounds to celebrate the end of summer, and to build relationships with those in our community. We have always been a congregation rooted in community life, and service and we believe a block


party will help us double down on our congregational identity. It is always amazing to see the ways that our

church is of service to partnering organizations and




individuals on the weekly basis. Just check out our church calendar to see who is around the grounds even when the sanctuary lights are off.


The Holy Spirit is on the move and as the church we should respond with intrigue, excitement, and attentiveness, finding our places of service. We look forward to seeing you more, knowing you deeper, and being the church together!


On The Journey,


Pastor Zack Bohinski

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